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The HEMTEK ST may be the most efficient and affordable banner welder ever. Capabilities include hem welds, pole pockets, and hems with rope. The HEMTEK ST is designed for the quick hemming of banners―up to 39 feet (12 meters) per minute―and is particularly intuitive to use. Once the machine is mounted, users can start welding immediately. Preparing or finishing with the use of a heat gun is no longer necessary. From now on, users quickly can weld promotional banners or tarpaulins from corner-to-corner in a single pass with ease. This innovative banner welder is intended for any sign shop—large and small alike. Traditional equipment is often priced outside the reach of small shop owners. The HEMTEK ST, with affordable plug-n-play design features, can help smaller shops be competitive in the banner market. By eliminating the need to outsource projects or use consumables such as tape, adhesives or thread, the HEMTEK ST becomes a top-choice for cost-effective hemming of banners.



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